I Believe...


Credo--what I believe--my philosophy:

  • I believe in personal responsibility. This extends to each of us taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. The only person that can truly make you healthier is you with the decisions you make.
  • I believe that essential oils are the gems of the plant world. They are precious. As such, they need to be used sparingly and with respect.
  • I believe that essential oils can support the body, soul, and spirit to further your health goals. I do not think; however, that they are a miracle cure and should be marketed as such.
  • I believe essential oils need to be used safely, properly diluted when necessary, and never ingested unless under the supervision of a Clinical Aromatherapist. I will not recommend or work with essential oils from companies that recommend unsafe practices.
  • I believe that one should ask permission before taking something from Nature. I believe in stewardship of the land and all that is in it--people, animal, and plant--along with all natural resources. 
  • I believe essential oils distillers and all those involved with the process of bringing us these incredible substances deserve to earn a living wage. I believe in the conservation of all resources related and unrelated to essential oils. I believe in making conscientious decisions as consumers with our dollar when we decide where and what to invest in when it comes to purchasing essential oils.
  • I believe that mindset is everything.
  • I believe in doing the hard thing first.
  • I believe gratitude is the path to a truly abundant life. 
  • I believe that health and wellness is 80% nutrition. If you want a real change in your health and in your life, you must work on your nutrition. It is foundational. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. You can't expect to use an essential oil and suddenly be cured of your ills or become your ideal physical self.
  • Exercise is important for lifting mood and increasing strength, and lean muscle is essential for wellness and keeping one young. Exercise should not be used as a form of punishment or as a way to make up for a less than health lifestyle.
  • I believe strong is much, much better than skinny.
  • I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work on his or her health and that residual income can provide a way for many to do this.
  • I believe that financial health is part of our overall health. I believe in multiple income streams, in contribution, and in investing in people, companies, and products that have integrity with others and with all of their resources and influence.
  • I believe in the seasonality of things--of days, of months, of years, of the year. I believe in times of intense work and times of deep rest. 
  • I believe that a stronger, more connected relationship between human beings and nature--recapturing our natural heritage, skills, and birthright, would go a long way towards fixing most of our issues on this planet and with each other.
  • I believe in solitude. I also believe in community. We need both.
  • I believe in prayer. I believe in meditation. I believe in yoga as being an incredible fountain of youth.
  • I believe in energies--not spirits or superstition--energies. The bio-mechanical energy of the body and the Schumann frequency of the earth. I believe these things are just as much a part of our reality and our health as anything we can easily see with our eyes. I believe that it is part of our birthright to sense and be connected to this energy and that this same energy can heal. 
  • I believe, with discernment, we all need to start reconnecting with our intuition. The small, still voice speaks volumes if we would but listen. I believe this will lead to more wholeness, connectedness, and healing for all. 
  • I believe in family. I believe in healthy relationships. I believe in marriage for those that choose it. I have.
  • I believe in personal sovereignty and the freedom of choice as long as this choice does not physically harm another person.
  • I believe goal setting is extremely important in accomplishing anything, and that intention is key to accomplishing those goals, and that daily, consistent action is the vehicle for achieving the life you want.
  • I believe in vision. I believe in Vision Boards. I believe in the Law of Attraction. I also believe in the intervention of God in all things and everything.
  • I believe in channeling failure, a common every-day part of our humanity, into learning that leads to progress.
  • Jesus. 
  • Love God, love yourself, love others. Beyond that, I hold no religious creed tightly.
  • I believe God is as much my Mother as my Father. I believe in equality between all people.
  • I believe ALL life is precious. I believe in the sanctity of ALL life.
  • I believe learning should be continual, ongoing, and life-long.
  • I believe in creativity as being a very powerful part of our humanity that needs to be nurtured as a need along side of all of our other daily needs.
  • I believe in music. I believe it is powerful. I believe it is a tool for integrating the brain to itself and the body to the spirit. I believe that worship is the ultimate path to Freedom. 
  • I believe you can change your life in an instant if you simply decide.
  • I believe in breakthroughs, in strength, and in a vital life.
  • Love. It's the hard road and the high road, and it's also the answer.