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Custom Synergies are available!
What's a custom synergy? 
"Erin, can you make me something that does ______."
You have just requested a custom synergy. 
Synergies are typically created for diffusion (small vial), dermal use in a serum (on right), or in a spritzer or hydrosol blend (spray bottle). 
Examples: the most recent custom synergies I have created were to enhance yoga practice, to help emotionally ground someone, and for space clearing in a work space. 
The base cost for the synergy is $30. 
Additional costs are then added: 
$5 for the addition of flower essences
$10 for the addition of carrier oil
$10 for hydrosol
Some essential oils and carrier oils may increase cost as well. 

Reiki energy can also be added to the synergy upon request. 

Custom synergies are an option for a person who is unable to commit to a full aromatherapy consultation but who would like a blend for a specific purpose. Clients may be asked to answer a few questions about their goals and to sign a waiver as they would for a full aromatherapy consultation. A custom synergy is not comprehensive and is not meant to take the place of a true aromatherapy consultation.

To place an order for a custom synergy, you will need to email me at prairiesoaphouse@gmail.com. I will ask you some questions, and then I will bill you through Paypal. Synergies will be sent once full payment is received.

Disclaimer: Use products responsibly and at your own risk. Prairie Soap House & Apothecary and Erin Oberlander are not responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by use or misuse of this or any other product.