I know you. You want to be healthy. You have goals. You perhaps have tried a lot of different things. You have a thirst for knowledge. You want to do everything the best way possible for your health and the earth. You care about the purity and quality of products that you use. You care about sustainability. You love science. But you are finding yourself in overwhelm. And instead of moving forward, you are stuck in information inertia. 

You are making things harder than they need to be, and there is an easier, more natural, more intuitive way. It is possible to be deeply connected to Nature and still have convenience and ease in your lifestyle. you can be whole & healthy. 


Erin Oberlander, owner of Prairie Soap House & Apothecary is a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist offering Aromatherapy Consultations, Nutrition Solutions, Aromatherapy Products, and Reiki Services in the southwest North Dakota region and globally. 

I understand your struggles because that was me for many years. Because of that struggle, I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to help you. My mission is to help you live a more healthful life deeply connected to Nature, to yourself, and in which you are finally accomplishing those goals. My practice encompasses several different therapies, and a wide variety of products are available to clients including but not limited to nutritional solutions, essential oils, aromatherapy products, consultations, natural perfumery, flower essences, personal development and education, support groups, and hand-crafted distilled products by Prairie Soap House & Apothecary.

Helping you live a vibrant, holistic lifestyle of ease.

For health nuts and wannabes. 

Improve your health and find your zest for living again!

YOUR FIRST STEPS: 1) Connect on Social Media, (Instagram) 2) Book a Consultation, 3) Try some aromatherapy products, 4) Add yourself to the mailing list. New customers will receive an email containing a discount code to be used on the first order.

Five Star Review:

"I had Erin do a whole workup for me. I’ve worked with Erin before, so I trusted her knowledge and expertise, but I was a little leery of “meeting” over a video call for my aromatherapy consultation. Would she really be able to pinpoint exactly what I needed through a short questionnaire and video call? Thank goodness I didn’t let that hesitation keep me from booking! She pretty well had me pegged from the questionnaire alone, and didn’t need much time to narrow her focus with that short, but highly impactful meeting. Her suggestions for my daily routine, including types of food to eat, oils to diffuse and to apply, and taking time for spiritual reflection have made a huge impact on how I feel. I came to her run down, anxious, fidgety, tired and unmotivated, and after only a couple of weeks following her protocol I am energized, positive, and sleeping so much better. And let’s face it, everything looks brighter after a good nights sleep!
I highly recommend Erin and I tell people about her all the time. Not only do her specialized oil blends smell heavenly, they work magical wonders." --Jackie B. 

Five Star Review:

"I love all of my Prairie Soap House products! I just can't seem to get my fill. Erin has created many special custom blends for me that I simply cannot live without. 
Erin's advice is always spot on for my needs and her products are a wonderful value for how long they last! I can't wait for her to "invent" something new for me to buy!" --Lori A.

Five Star Review:

"I received several items for gifts- they are all amazing! The juniper hydrosol is my new favorite thing, all the crisp winter smells in a bottle! The lotion Erin makes is smooth and hydrating, and the shaving soap lathers like no other brand I have tried. So nice to have these handmade, natural items available in ND!"-- Amanda B.



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