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Clean Living Challenge


I'll bet that you are tired of making "resolutions" that don't stick.

You want to live a healthier, cleaner, higher quality of life. But you don't want to do a new years resolution that will fizzle out in a few days.

You are weary of deprivation-based diet and lack mentality.

You want healthy and useful alternatives to products you are already using--and you don't want to lose any convenience as you are making changes to be healthier.

Here’s the problem: The whole idea of new year's diets is actually pulling us further away from true wellness because it is focusing on the wrong things and finding energy in an unsustainable place. What is worse is that there are a lot of toxic products and lifestyle solutions out there that folks don't even know are detrimental. You may actually be experiencing diminished quality of life and increased stress reaction and health issues as a result of these mental habits and toxic products of which you may be unaware.

Everyone deserves to live a clean, vibrant, holistic lifestyle without having to reinvent the wheel.

Enter the Clean Living Challenge--a four week program designed for a different type of lifestyle change that is deeper, permanent, encouraging, and empowering. It is here just for you. I created this challenge because I used to be in the same place. I struggled with deprivation mentality that never led to lasting change, and I was wading through the confusion of trying to figure out how to help myself and my family be healthier.

Here’s what you need to do:

Process: 1) Enroll in the Clean Living Challenge by paying here. Once you are paid, I will be adding you to our Facebook group for the challenge. 2) Complete all steps and participate in all tasks, videos, and group coaching in the group every week for the four weeks. 3) Find your mindset, your body, and your home environment much cleaner, clearer, and vibrant at the end of the four weeks. The information you learn in the course will be able to be implemented as long as you need to in order to peel off the layers of toxicity in your life—even long after the challenge is complete. Additional helps may include written resources, book suggestions, online resources, and personal notes.

Your Success—

At the end of the four weeks, you will feel more free of self-limiting and self-punishing beliefs. You will feel clear about products that are toxic for your nutrition, body care and home, and you should be able to find healthy alternatives. Participants will also have an understanding of some simple hacks from Ayurveda that can build further health into their bodies/minds.

What will you miss out on by not participating?

You may get caught in the deprivation mindset of the new year that is unsustainable. You may miss out on finding a deeper level of wellness. You may remain unaware of things that are detrimental to your well-being that can be easily substituted. You may miss out on learning techniques that can give you more leverage in your health.

Get ready to go from wanting to be healthy but getting caught up in diets and new years resolutions, not addressing the deeper issues contributing to less vitality, confused or ignorant about harmful products, wanting to know more but overwhelmed about where to start.

Transform yourself into an empowered individual with information to create a more vibrant, holistic life, a higher quality of wellness overall, and a deeper understanding of how to achieve this, without having to be on a diet. Enjoy life more, armed with information that will help with better future choices.

***NOTE: You must have access to a Facebook account in order to participate in this Challenge group. Please include your Facebook name in your checkout information. I will friend request you and then add you to the challenge group once you have paid. ***

***Perk for Isagenix product users in my downline—if you are active with a 100 BV order by January 6th, this challenge is free to you. Please email me at to let me know your intentions to be part of the group in this way. ***

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