Nutritional cleansing

Have a lasting transformation in the New Year with nutritional cleansing.

Many folks are looking for health changes that are buoyed by the use of essential oils, and these supportive substances can certainly help make mental, emotional, and physical changes. But, a healthy lifestyle is about so much more than that little bottle of essential oil.

I am a huge believer in nutritional cleansing--a cellular cleanse that will boost human growth hormone and energy levels and allow your cells to go into "rest and clean" mode. In this modified form of intermittent fasting, your body will be supported botanically while you cleanse for more energy and to age more gracefully. Getting rid of some of the holiday fluff is just a byproduct.

Cleansing (aka fasting) is not starving yourself. Fasting is an ancient practice used by all kinds of people from all kinds of cultures to promote health, vitality, youthfulness, and better performance. And I am all about bio-hacking the body to perform better. This approach is not about deprivation at all--rather it is a recognition that the body needs to every now and then take a break from the hard work of digestion. Jesus, Budda, and many other spiritual greats practiced fasting. It is recognized in ancient medical systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Indigenous cultures also practiced (and still to practice) fasting. Modern science is now proving what the ancients knew--that fasting has MANY health benefits. There is much research ongoing on this subject, and the practice is being adopted by many in the Paleo, Ketogenic, and Bio-Hacking communities as well as those who just want a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. This is a time-honored practice--and you may be surprised by how easy it can be and how good you can feel, no matter what your health goals are.

With nutritional cleansing, you will receive specific guidelines and support for your intermittent fast, and it is very flexible for your needs and your lifestyle. The fasting is supported by herbs and minerals that help to eliminate released toxins from the body efficiently and safely. 

I have been practicing fasting most of my life, intermittent fasting for the past six years, and nutritional cleansing for the last 1.5 years, and nutritional cleansing is by far my favorite and by far the easiest type of fast I have done. 

I will be hosting a private lifestyle page for those who want to make changes in the New Year. Please email or PM me for more details. 

TONIGHT ONLY I have a private virtual event that will offer more of the science behind nutritional cleansing as well as how these products can benefit you--AND offer free membership and some other perks. I can add you to this private page by request. 

Please let me know how I may assist you with ALL of your health goals this coming year.