Diffuser Synergies--for many different purposes


Diffuser Synergies--for many different purposes

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Diffuser blends are intended for use in your home ionic diffuser.

Each blend is a 1/2 dram. With a 5-drop diffusion, each dram should give you 7 sessions of diffusing.

Please note that diffuser blends are made to order. Allow a few extra days for their creation.

Use the drop-down menu to choose your option.

Grief. A blend created with the idea of bridging heaven and earth and learning to let go even while feeling comforted. Cypress, sweet marjoram, angelica seed, and angelica root essential oils are combined with trauma repair, renewal, and inner judge flower essences. By far my personal favorite of any synergy I have created, the scent is truly otherworldly, and I feel it clears negative energy very well. $30

Grounding. For those who struggle with maintaining equilibrium emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Great for creating healthy boundaries. Vetiver, mandarin, sweet fennel, palmarosa essential oils mingle with mitti attar and rose absolute. This is then combined with the following flower essences: mind ease, flower fortress, trauma repair, wild sunflower, and honeysuckle. A very earthy, yet sweet scent. $30

Spacious Place. This diffusion is designed for energetic and emotional space clearing, but it also will clean your air of microbes (as most essential oils do). White sage, cedar, lemongrass, and fragonia essential oils are combined with wild sunflower and flower fortress flower essences. $25

Settle. Designed for those who are struggling with upset tummies when traveling, try this one in your car diffuser. Grapefruit, dill, patchouli, ginger, and peppermint essential oils with rock water flower essence. $20

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