Elemental Aromatherapy--Air Hydrosol Spritzer


Elemental Aromatherapy--Air Hydrosol Spritzer


The Elemental Aromatherapy line is the result of many years of personal and professional study in aromatherapy, some of which was formal study in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Each person represents a different balance of the elements. Ayurveda recognizes a slightly different set of elements than TCM (Ayurvedic elements are space, air, fire, water, and earth while TCM elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). At times, any of the elements may be in excess or not present enough in the body.

These preparations are designed to be used by the professional practitioner as much as the layperson. Suggested uses are given for each element. By using the serum representing a particular element, the theory is that that element will be increased and brought into better balance within the body.

Air element is all about opening, purifying, deepening, expanding. This blend is especially helpful for breathing and the respiratory tract. It has a subtle purifying nature. I chose the medium of a hydrosol for this blend because it more readily represents air element than does an oil, which cannot be breathed. Simply shake and spray the serum onto yourself, the room, your linens, your bath, etc. 

Air Hydrosol Spritzer is extra special for one primary reason--the base of this blend is juniper berry hydrosol that was distilled by myself from berries wild-harvested by myself and family members here on family land on the prairies of North Dakota. Juniper berry hydrosol is sweet and effervescent. Juniper berry is tied to the kidneys, and folk wisdom indicates it may serve a purpose in detoxification. Juniper berry also helps with habit changes and strengthening willpower. Essential oils silver fir, pinon pine, black spruce, rosemary, and hyssop round out the blend which is then topped off with a minute amount of organic grain alcohol as a dispersant. This blend is stimulating to the mind and body. It may reduce kapha congestion. The blend contains both arming and cooling components; I would consider it to be tridoshic. Air Hydrosol Spritzer is sold in 2 oz spray bottles.

Suggested uses:

  • To purify the air in a space--spray into the air, or, my favorite option is to spray into the fans of a ceiling fan to disperse. This blend may also be diffused. 
  • Spray on the chest to deepen breathing and help with upper-respiratory issues. 
  • To solidify and strengthen willpower during habit changes, spray this blend when you are performing positive actions toward your goals. 
  • To enhance immunity.
  • To improve concentration. 
  • This spritzer is a beautiful skin tonic. 
  • To enhance focus and creativity. 

Safety cautions: NEVER ingest essential oils. For external moderate use only. Patch test on skin before wide-spread use. Aromatherapy products are to be used at your own discretion and risk. 

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