Elemental Aromatherapy--Space Serum


Elemental Aromatherapy--Space Serum


The Elemental Aromatherapy line is the result of many years of personal and professional study in aromatherapy, some of which was formal study in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Each person represents a different balance of the elements. Ayurveda recognizes a slightly different set of elements than TCM (Ayurvedic elements are space, air, fire, water, and earth while TCM elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). At times, any of the elements may be in excess or not present enough in the body.

These preparations are designed to be used by the professional practitioner as much as the layperson. Suggested uses are given for each element. By using the serum representing a particular element, the theory is that that element will be increased and brought into better balance within the body.

Space element can mean a lot of things. I think of space element for creating space in life, in the mind, and in the body. 

Essential oils of Eucalyptus dives, Frankicense rivae, lime, helichrysum, and sweet marjoram. These oils are suspended in light safflower oil. Space Serum is cooling to the body. It may be helpful for kapha congestion and may calm pitta. This serum is sold in 2 oz spray bottles.

Suggested uses:

  • To open the heart and mind, apply Space Serum to the solar plexus, heart chakra, and brown chakra.
  • To expand the consciousness and promote mind-body connection, use Space Serum during spiritual practices.
  • To enhance intuition.
  • Use regularly to break through stuck emotions or mental blocks.
  • Enhance creativity. 
  • Uplift the mood.
  • This serum contains several ingredients understood to be anti-inflammatory--use with inflamed conditions. 

Safety cautions: NEVER ingest essential oils. For external moderate use only. Patch test on skin before wide-spread use. Aromatherapy products are to be used at your own discretion and risk. ***Space Serum contains lime essential oil which is photo-toxic. Avoid use 8 hours previous to sun exposure, and never use in the sun or tanning bed. 

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