Essential Oils from Floracopeia


Essential Oils from Floracopeia

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Prairie Soap House & Apothecary is now carrying a select number and type of essential oils from Floracopeia. I believe these essential oils to be some of the best on the market. Their uses are many and varied--please email me with questions. 

Jatamansi: the most potent sedative in all of aromatherapy and a very grounding (yet smelly) oil, Jatamansi will help you and yours have deep, nourishing sleep. $58

Vetiver: another grounding, earthy oil, vetiver is wonderful for anxiety. It blends beautifully with ylang-ylang. $29

Rosemary ct. verbenone: Rosemary is known as the queen of all muscle relaxants. Diluted in carrier oil, rosemary can ease away aches and pains. It is also great for memory, concentration, and energy in the diffuser. $18

Eucalyptus radiata: the only Eucalyptus variety that is safe for all ages of children, Eucalyptus radiata is a powerful anti-microbial for use in your diffuser. $15

Silver fir: A beautiful essential oil with an affinity or the lungs. $21

Ylang-ylang complete: the "flower of flowers" is euphoric, sensual, and eases away nervous tension and stress, especially when  paired with vetiver. $22

Clary sage: This oil has a very long history of use for female complaints. $47

Bupleurum: A very interesting oil used traditionally for smoking cessation. $24

Palo santo: One of the three wish-fulfilling gems of aromatherapy, palo santo is amazing for spiritual practices and manifestation. $29

Roman chamomile: long revered as a calming oil, Roman chamomile is especially great for use with children and on the skin (diluted, of course). $39

Mandarin: this oil helps increase zest for life and is a mood booster. Get happy! $15

Rose geranium: Rose is the mother of all essential oils but extremely expensive. Rose geranium has the nurturing, calming, and sensual properties of Rose without the cost. Great for female complains and general mood improvement for anyone. $33

Indian peppermint: A milder scent than many peppermints, this Indian variety will help you feel energized. Great blended with rosemary, florals, and citrus in the diffuser. $15

Bulgarian lavender: A very beautiful lavender, historically reknown for relaxation. Lavender is a "universal medicine." Combine with Roman chamomile and jatamansi for the ultimate in restorative rest and sleep. $28

All essential oils are in 15 ml bottles with the exception of Roman chamomile which is contained in a smaller dram.

Disclaimer: Use products responsibly and at your own risk. Prairie Soap House & Apothecary and Erin Oberlander are not responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by use or misuse of this or any other product. Never use essential oils internally. Always dilute essential oils in carrier oil before dermal application and use safe dilution rates. Safe use is up to you. For more information on essential oil safety, please visit

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