Five Elements Serum


Five Elements Serum


Five Elements Serum--special herbal edition. This features very luxurious and nourishing carrier oils of rosehip seed, apricot kernel, camellina, and sesame oil and my custom-Designed blend of amazing essential oils representing the balance of all five elements— earth, Fire, Metal, water, and wood. 

This serum is by far my customers' favorite product. Try it--you'll like it!

This Serum is suitable for application on the face and the body. Try it in conjunction with the Vital Lux skincare line  

How to use: Serums are best used on damp skin. Spraying your skin with a hydrosol or using the serum on wet skin when you are straight from the bath or shower makes an "instant lotion" on your skin. You may also spray some hydrosol in your hand, add a pump of serum, and rub hands together to create a lotion that can be then gently patted into skin on the face or body.


Sesame, rosehip seed, camellina, and apricot kernel oils. Ylang-ylang, Rose geranium, Rose Otto, Jasmine sambac, melissa, cardamom, lavender, helichrysum, sea buckthorn, palmarosa, Elemi, patchouli, vetiver, bergamot, carrot, and jatamansi essential oils  

2 oz.

Disclaimer: Use products responsibly and at your own risk. Prairie Soap House & Apothecary and Erin Oberlander are not responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by use or misuse of this or any other product.

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