Hedonistic Beard Oil

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Hedonistic Beard Oil


This is not your average beard oil. Really, it is a combination of a beard oil and a very warm, spicy, masculine cologne. Two in one!

This earned the thumbs up from both my husband and my brother. This oil includes some luxury carrier oils (jojoba, macadamia, hazelnut) that mimic the skin's own natural oils. These oils condition the hair as well as the skin underneath the beard.

Calendula essential oil is included to sooth any areas that DO have to be shaved near the beard.

The fragrance blend is a spiced up version of the Carvell scent I will be featuring in the forthcoming cologne of the same name. To leather, smoke, and gin notes are added bay laurel, lime, and cassia. My husband describes this scent as "old school in a good way."

Pair with my shaving soap for the ultimate experience.

2 oz bottle. 

To use:
Apply a small amount to the beard or other facial hair after showering or as needed.

Disclaimer: Use products responsibly and at your own risk. Prairie Soap House & Apothecary and Erin Oberlander are not responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by use or misuse of this or any other product. 
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