Russian Olive Hydrosol

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Russian Olive Hydrosol


What are hydrosols anyway?

When essential oils are steam distilled, there are two byproducts: the essential oil, and the "flower water" or hydrosol. Hydrosol is water, a small amount of suspended essential oil, and some of the herbaceous components of the plant.

A hydrosol will have many of the same attributes as the essential oil of the same plant; however, because they are much more diluted, they can be used in many situations that essential oils cannot, including with small children and infants, those with compromised immunity, and even for culinary uses (though this is only if specifically recommended).

The scent of a hydrosol will have many of the same notes as the essential oil; however, expect to also smell some "green" notes from the herbaceous components of the plants.

All of these hydrosols were distilled by myself through steam distillation. Many of these plants were grown by myself (beyond organically) or by friends of mine. Others were wild-harvested from the prairie itself.

Hydrosols have many and varied uses--body sprays, diffusions, add to bath water, use as a facial toner, use as a fragrance, spray linens, spray laundry, space clearing, and many others. One of my favorites is to use a serum, such as 5 Elements Serum, with a hydrosol, to create "instant lotion." A spray of hydrosol in the hand with a pump of serum and rub your hands together. Voila! Instant lotion!

Following is a description of each hydrosol. To choose a hydrosol, add the hydrosol (and size option) to your cart. 

Russian Olive--This seems to be a scent that people either love or hate. This is for the lovers. This reads very true to Russian olive scent on the breeze, and it feels very "clean." 

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