Lilac Roll-On Perfume


Lilac Roll-On Perfume


French style Lilac Perfume, .35 Oz roller bottle.

You will recall, perhaps, that lilac cannot be distilled. The scent of lilac must be captured through a painstaking process called enfleurage. In this process, on a daily or every-other-day basis, the florets of the lilac are impressed into a very pure fat source. The florets are then covered with a weight. The fat takes on some of the lilac oil. The next day those florets are dumped out and removed (every single one, by hand) from the fat, and a new batched is impressed.
This is done for as long as the lilac flowers are blooming. I believe I got 3 weeks of impressions.
The fat is then put into a jar with very pure, high proof organic alcohol. The alcohol extracts the scent from the fat over a long period of time--in this case six months.
This is a very special release--my first perfume and my favorite flower--and in the dead of winter just like I wanted so that we could all have a whiff of spring.
The scent of the lilac is subtle. Don't expect this to smell like a strong, synthetically-created lilac body spray, because it doesn't. The best of the floral scent of the lilac is there. I would say there is a bit of creaminess to the scent as well. The scent warms with your body temperature and is a light scent.
The roll-on bottle makes this easy to transport and use throughout the day.

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