Sweet Clover + Vanilla Lotion


Sweet Clover + Vanilla Lotion

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This is a super duper sexy, luxurious blend of yummy, creamy, soothing carrier oils with sweet clover hydrosol grown and distilled by myself here on Arcadia. The fragrance blend of this lotion is warm, gourmand, sweet, and good enough to eat. Consider this the dessert of lotions.

This lotion is a more liquid texture which some prefer in warmer weather.

Two sizes are available in this lotion. The 1 oz size is great for your handbag, whereas the 2 oz size is perfect for at-home use. 

Shake before using!


Sweet clover hydrosol, coconut, kukui, sweet almond, apricot kernel, marula, tamanu, & rosehip oils, glycerin, emulsifying wax, natural fragrance blend.



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