Vital Lux Cleansing Oil

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Vital Lux Cleansing Oil


Vital Lux Skincare. Why natural skincare? Because nature is already infused with every bit of nourishment our bodies need to flourish. The name "Vital Lux" is a play on words. "Vital" not only means essential or needed, but the root of this word also means life. The word "lux" not only is a shortened version of the word luxury, something I believe every person deserves, but is also the Latin word for "light." Therefore, Vital Lux skincare is designed to be the "life light" for your face while also being an investment in your overall health, longevity, and vitality from the inside out.

There are many skincare systems available. Some contain botanical ingredients and claim to be more natural. However, if the ingredients of these products are carefully researched, most if not all of them contain synthetic components, petrochemicals, and endocrine disrupting compounds. The skin is your largest organ and also an organ of elimination as well as absorption. While I believe that skin health starts first with what you consume, I also believe it can be improved by using natural ingredients our bodies our truly adapted to and completely avoiding any synthetics, adulterants, and toxins.

Therefore, Vital Lux Skincare has been designed with true health and longevity--both for you and for the environment--in mind. It is free of toxins. It is full of things that will support your skin's structure and function. It will act as an adjunct to your skin's natural functions rather than stripping the skin of its natural protection. 

At the same time, let us not believe the myth that natural implies a lack of luxury, for these are some of the highest quality botanicals, carrier oils, and essential oils that can be found. They are formulated by myself, a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist, based on my many years of research and experience in formulating as well as much experience with natural living in general. 

So, luxuriate and be at peace--when you use Vital Lux Skincare, you are doing your body nothing but good. 

Vital Lux Cleansing Oil

The idea of cleansing with oil goes against most people's good senses, doesn't it? Aren't we trying to REMOVE oil from our skin? Well, yes and no. Think about oil and water--do they mix? No, of course, we know they do not. But water is the base for most soaps and facial cleansers on the market. So, in order to remove grease and grime, these cleansers also have to add surfactants, detergents, and other less-than-therapeutic ingredients in order to remove dirt. 

This is why we cleanse with oil--because oil dissolves oil. At the same time, cleansing with oil, when done as needed for your skin type, will not dry out the skin as many soaps do. 

Castor oil, in particular, is known for being the girl scout of carrier oils, leaving things better than they were found. In addition, camellina and sunflower oils lightly nourish your skin while they cleanse.

An added benefit to cleansing with oil is that the skin's natural micro-biota are not harmed and washed away as with soap. 

So, give it a try! I think you will be surprised by the benefits.

To use: 

Place one dropper full of Vital Lux Cleansing Oil into the palms and rub together to warm the oil. Then gently massage the cleansing oil into the face in light, circular motions. As they cleansing oil goes to work, you may begin to feel the texture of impurities being lifted from the skin. After a few minutes of gentle massage, begin to wet your hands with water or a hydrosol, continuing to massage the face. You will see that the oil and water will begin to mix, forming a liquid that can begin to be washed away by the addition of more water or hydrosol, until the skin is as clear of cleansing oil as you would like it to be.

I suggest finishing with the application of Vital Lux Facial Toner to a cotton ball, and then gently sweeping the face with the toner to remove excess cleansing oil.

Ironically, cleansing too often with cleansing oil can be drying to the face. It will be necessary to experiment with what is right for you and your body. I suggest 2-3 times a week to start. The rest of the time, you may use a small amount of Vital Lux Cleansing Oil on a cotton ball to remove makeup if needed. The best way to cleanse your face most days is simply with warm water in the shower. Nope--no soap! Just warm water.

BONUS: you may choose to gently dry brush your face prior to cleansing with Vital Lux Cleansing Oil. Doing this will support the collagen and elastin in the skin and increase vibrancy. 

Please also note that natural skincare may be very different from that which you have been accustomed to using. Allow your skin several weeks to adjust to your new routine.

As with any other aromatherapy product, please use responsibly and at your own risk. Never ingest.


Camellina oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, palmarosa essential oil, lilac flower essence.

Lifestyle recommendations:

I believe, and both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine teach, that imbalances inside the body will be reflected on the skin. In particular, issues of the GI tract, hormonal imbalances, and food intolerances may manifest in skin issues. 

  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Include healthy fats and bone broth or collagen in your diet. Healthy fats include avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, ghee, nut and seed butters, grass fed cream. I would suggest making it a practice to do coffee blended with collagen and grass fed butter at least a few times a week and to drink bone broth every day.
  • I also recommend the regular ingestion or a high-quality probiotic.
  • Reduce and eliminate added sugars in your diet. Reduce and eliminate all processed foods. 
  • Live from a place of love. Meditate and let go of what does not serve you. Love one another. Live to serve.
  • Include trace minerals in your diet. 
  • Detoxify your cells with intermittent fasting and cleansing. If you are unfamiliar with this, please ask me.
  • Regularly sweat with exercise and sauna.
  • Include the rest of Vital Lux Skincare as your skincare routine.

If you have skin or wellness concerns, please feel free to contact me for an Aromatherapy Consultation. 


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