I am a prairie girl who finds soulfulness in wide open spaces, swaying grasses, and the land itself. It was this land that called me home after many years away. It is the same land my great-great grandfather cultivated, and it is the land that provides myself and my family sustenance now. It is my passion to care for the land while respectfully drawing medicinally substances from it. It is also my passion to empower others to take control of their health and their life journey by practicing and teaching "grass roots health care."

My career started with music, but I have always had a parallel interest in natural health. Concurrently with completing my DMA in Voice Performance, I was also running a small business creating pure and completely natural body care products. This thrust came at a point when I realized I could no longer pronounce any of the words on the back of my shampoo bottle and coincided with the onset of some health problems of my own.

As the owner of Prairie Soap House, I began working with essential oils over 10 years ago, but in truth, my experience stretches back to college when I used to "cure" my boyfriends of their colds with the healing powers of essential oils. As I learned more about the alchemy contained within them, I began down many and varied rabbit trails to discover more and more about natural health and living--and my interests expanded.

As I wrote in my doctoral dissertation, the heartbeat of my ancestral home (at least the one on this continent) began calling loudly to me. My husband and I saw the need for more self-reliant living. We needed to be around family again, and we needed land to provide for our needs. We wanted to pioneer a new way of living that would take respect for the land into account as well as respect for others--those that have come before and those that will come after we are gone.

Upon returning to southwestern North Dakota, my dabbling in natural health intensified as I continued to battle health issues. As a part of my healing process, I also learned. I learned A LOT. Over time I received training not only in Aromatherapy but also in Flower Essences, Natural Perfumery, and most recently, Reiki. My interests are diverse, and I feel a holistic approach to living as well as to treatment protocols is key.

My aromatherapy practice encompasses the whole person. People who seek support from aromatherapy with me as their practitioner will receive more than just an essential oil blend. They will draw on a lifetime of my own experiences. They will learn and work on mindset. They will find better nutrition. They may deepen their spiritual practices and sense of community. They will find support for whatever their health goals may be. And this will be accomplished from a perspective that sees humanity as part of the whole--as part of nature--as part of earth. Treatment protocols will respect not only the sanctity of life of the person, but also the sanctity of the environment from which energy and medicinal substances are drawn.

It is my deepest hope that through this approach, clients may find healing not only for themselves, but for all life around them.

my Mission

My mission is to educate and to inspire others to understand their health better and take ownership of it. I aim to help clients through aromatherapy as well as Reiki. We care for the land through permaculture practices, we practice ancestral lifeways when possible, and we forge new paths where needed. As time and resources allow, the Apothecary is expanding into distillation of wild-crafted and cultivated prairie plants with the hope that new discoveries may be made about the supportive and medicinal properties of these plants for the benefit of all.

On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
— Revelation 22:2

training and experience

  • 10 years+ as owner of Prairie Soap House & Apothecary
  • Certified Holistic Aromatherapist
  • Reiki II Certified in Usui/Tibetan Holy Fire
  • Training in Natural Perfumery
  • Member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
  • Training in and creation of flower essences.
  • Distillation of hydrosols and essential oils with local and indigenous plants.
  • Speaker/Presenter for local health fairs and events
  • Instructor for Continuing Education